Matiu the MC

Master of Ceremonies for Your Event

Matiu has established a strong reputation as a true master of ceremonies. As an MC, Matiu confidently and competently, opens and holds space for the gathering to flow smoothly, powerfully and on time. 

His combined skills cover traditional welcoming, inspired introductions, heartfelt thanks, song, energising impromptu games, dressings sharp, going with the flow, winging it, keeping it lite, going deep and closing with style.

Matiu is professional, talented and takes on the role as MC with a lot of skill and proficiency. As MC, Matiu brought humour and knowledge into his introductions with his unique way of storytelling to create an atmosphere that was entertaining and engaging.
— Napier Kindergarten Association 2011 to 2018.

Matiu is such an incredible emcee at the New Frontiers summit, the entire experience is shaped by his presence. Matiu brings authentic positive energy and creativity into the space, engaging participants and always finding the perfect way to send the entire room into laughter. He works hard behind-the-scenes to deliver his world-class performances, with diligent attention for detail and harmony. He is a true team player, uplifting and fueling the people around him. We feel so lucky to collaborate with Matiu.
— Matthew Monahan, co-founder, Edmund Hillary Fellowship