Māoritanga Workshops for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers

After teaching kapahaka, Māori language and culture in all age ranges for over 25 years, Matiu has developed a concise, fun, full day workshop to help train teachers to gain confidence and proficiency to teach children in early childhood and primary school levels. 

The 3 main areas of learning covered are:

1. Basic Māori language and pronunciation skills

2. Waiata Māori, the basics of teaching kapahaka , games, and storytelling 

3. Māori customs, protocols and relationship building with local Maori

Matiu’s enlighting and accessible information was delivered with such grace and humility, mixed with a hilarious sense of humour and role modelling strength. Our full day Maoritanga workshops with Matiu were a key factor to our regional association shifting into a new era of Māori cultural appreciation and enthusiasm to learn more.
— Southland Kindergarten Association Manager

Each workshop will be a full day from 9am – 3pm. It will be thorough and fun, hands on, supportive and friendly. The minimum fee for kindy teacher workshop is $1000 plus expenses (travel, accommodation, food etc) for a full day workshop (9-3pm).

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